How it works


Everyone starts equally clueless

The anticipation is killing you and you haven't even received your clues yet. But before each team receives its clue packet (10 clues and 2 bonus questions), CitySolve Urban Race will literally unveil the First Clue. The First Clue asks a simple multiple choice question and provides 4 potential answers. Each of the answers has a different street intersection. The correct intersection will have CitySolve Urban Race staff. It is here where each team will receive their clue packet.

Now that you have your clues, you and your team must solve 9 out of 10 clues (the bonus questions are optional and can only help your time). You are allowed to skip 1 clue. Some clues are labeled Mandatory and therefore cannot be skipped.

Once you've solved 9 clues, head to the finish line where to each team will have their camera checked so they can see their sweet success.

Get clued in

You'll use your brains, smartphones, and the kindness of strangers to solve clues and face thrilling challenges. CitySolve Urban Race's clues tend to a have a pub trivia pop-culture slant. The clues range from acrostics to word searches to crosswords and some very clever and creative styles that are sure to tickle your fancy.


Explore your city

Subway, trolley, bus, light rail, ferry, or foot; however you travel through your city you're going to have an amazing time. You'll use these modes of transport to zig zag around your city discovering hidden gems, funky joints, and cool neighborhoods that you never knew existed.

Win Prizes

Each CitySolve Urban Race gives away over $500 in cash and prizes. To the victor goes the spoils... $300! City Solve Urban Race give super cool prizes for best Tweet, best costume and a whole lot more.


Party Down

Now that you've finished, it's time to unwind with your teammates with a cold one, share your race photos and laughter, and relive great memories from the day.


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