What can I bring?
You may bring anything you wish e.g., smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. We also suggest bringing money for public transit, food, and drink. Water and a snack are encouraged to bring during the race.
How much does it cost?
Prices vary depending on city. Please check your local city's race page. Day of registration is cash only.
Can I register by myself?
No. Teams must be between 2 to 6 people.
What is the refund policy?
Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, however, may transfer your registration to another person.
Can I just show up or do have to register?
You can show up, but spots are limited and prices on race day are higher.
Why can't I take a taxi or wear rollerblades, etc?
We want all of our participants to be on the same playing field, thus no bikes, cabs, rollerblades, sneakers with wheels on them, and so on.
Will maps be provided?
No. It is up to each team to provide their own city or public transportation maps. We recommend using Google maps, printed maps, and public transit maps.
What if I can't figure out a clue?
You can ask people on the street for help. Call your friends or family for advice. Just don't give up. Each team will receive one skip. This allows each team to pass on solving one clue.
How many people on team?
You may have up to 6 on a team. All members must pay registration. All teams are eligible to win all prizes.
What is first prize?
First place is $300 (or equivalent). 
Are there prizes for second place?
Yes, the runner-up will walk away with $100 (or equivalent).
I'm not fast. Are there prizes besides 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?
Yes! We have social media contests where your team can win prizes.
Do I have to wear matching or coordinated costumes/uniforms?
No, but costumes are STRONGLY encouraged. We will award gift certificates or awesome prizes for Best Costume.
What if my camera breaks during the event and I can't take pictures of the checkpoints?
Please have a back up just in case this happens. The only way City Solve can verify your success is to check your team's photos.
Is CitySolve Urban Race like geocaching or letterboxing?
Kind of. In geocaching, participants use GPS to find treasures. In CitySolve Urban Race, participants won't find hidden treasures, they will be looking for destinations. In letterboxing, participants must solve clues to find, well... letterboxes. Letterboxing or geocaching's virtual cache type is more closely related to our unique urban adventure game.

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